Providing acupuncture and holistic healthcare on location at businesses, conferences, festivals, on sets, at your home and in our clinic in Pasadena. CA. What better way to heal bodies and open minds than to make acupuncture available everywhere!

Acupuncture at work Acupuncture at home Acupuncture on set

At the Workplace

Improve morale, reduce absenteeism and just "make work better" by bringing AOS to your workplace. Find out more about our philosophy, why acupuncture is perfect for the workplace and how to make it happen for your company here.

AOS at Our Clinic

Visit Dafna Laurie, LAc, AOS founder and chief acupuncturist at her clinic in Pasadena, CA. Learn more about her specialties (including reproductive health and mental-emotional balance), book appointments in her clinic or schedule a home visit.

On Set & at Events

AOS now provides acupuncture on film and TV movies sets, supporting actors, actresses and crew through their long days! Additionally, we travel far and wide to festivals and conferences.